• The colorful stems of dogwood in the winter

    Winter: the colorful stems of shrub dogwood as seen from the perimeter path

    Photo by Betsy Leuner
  • Indian plum is the first plant in the garden to bud out

    Winter: Indian plum shows January buds

    Photo by Betsy Leuner
  • Red and yellow twigged dogwood in the rain garden

    Winter: red and yellow twigged dogwood in the rain garden

    Photo by Betsy Leuner
  • Winter walk through the birch grove

    Winter: birch bark provides winter interest

    Photo by Betsy Leuner
  • A winter day in the Buck Lake Native Plant Garden

    Winter: from the main garden path

    Photo by Betsy Leuner
Hedgerow with mock orange in Buck Lake Native Plant Garden

Once out of favor, hedgerows are enjoying a resurgence in popularity in modern landscaping.

The camas meadow

In the wild, camas is found in damp mountain meadows and grasslands.

Lupine Flower

Read a little about some of our favorite native plants suitable for home gardens.

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The First Work Party of 2018!

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Work Party

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Plan to visit the Buck Lake Native Plant Garden located at 6959 Buck Lake Rd,
(in Buck Lake Park), Hansville, WA

Education, that is what the Buck Lake Native Plant Garden is all about! This garden is designed to
show how easily and beautifully native plants can be integrated into the home landscape.
The garden features plants native to Southern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and
Northern California, west of the mountains. Divided into various areas and planted accordingly,
visitors will find moist, shady beds, a hedgerow, a sunny camas meadow, a semi-shady birch grove,
a seasonal streambed and an extensive rain garden.

Since 2006, the BLNPG has been developed by a group of Kitsap County Master Gardeners,
local garden club members and other interest Greater Hansville area residents.

Anyone with an interest in gardening is encouraged to join our group.
Learn about native plants and their benefits to our local wildlife.